by Joel Bascom
The Christian faith is not meant to be lived alone. God has given us brothers and sisters in Christ to walk with along the path. But God’s provision extends beyond those with whom we live and come in daily or weekly contact. God, in his love and mercy, has also given us saints through the ages who have given us reflections on God and Christianity that nourish and encourage us. Last Sunday, I had a wonderful hour sharing about the life and music of Johnny Cash.johnnycash We were able to hear about the story of his life and also hear several pieces of his artwork. Some of the music we listened to was overtly Christian in its content, while other pieces simply gave us a fuller picture of the man behind the music. But whatever the content of the piece of music was, all of the music gave us different glimpses into how Johnny Cash’s faith informed much of the content about which he sang.
For the rest of the month of October, all of us will have the opportunity to hear from a few members of our congregation about artwork that had communicated Biblical truth to them. This Sunday, October 9, Sean O’ Neil will be reflecting on the work of two artists who have influenced him. Sean will be talking about how elements of the work of Wendall Berry and Fyodor Dostoyevsky have enlightened him regarding God’s creation. The rest of the month will see reflections on great paintings, as well as poetry. Please make your plans to join us during the 10:45 service in the conference room adjacent to the sanctuary on any or all of the Sundays in October.