by Becky Galstad

As advent approaches many of us are filled with warm and happy emotions, yet for others this season reminds us of areas in our own lives in which we are waiting or longing for some kind of healing. This is where I was one year ago. I was newly pregnant with our third child and while my heart should have been filled with joy it was filled with anxiousness and fear for the months ahead. Would my body sustain this pregnancy? Would I have similar health challenges as past pregnancies? If so, how could I be the wife and mother my family needed? My head was flooded with uncertainties. I know it was not a coincidence that at this very time Church of the Cross was holding a healing service.

That evening is etched so vividly on my mind. It was a powerful night of prayer. I was encouraged to think of healing in a whole new way. Cheryl Witham [Deacon and Pastor of Formation] shared the story of the bent over woman who was healed. While Jesus could have just spoken and she would have been healed, he asked her to walk through a crowd of rulers and dignitaries to him for that healing. I was invited to think of myself as the bent over woman–pulled down, weighed down, hunched over by my fears, anxieties and past experiences. Through the power of prayer that evening, I was able to identify my sinful ways that held me in this posture. It was the letting go of and washing away of anxiousness that allowed me to trust in God’s power to heal and strengthen my body and truly believe in God’s sovereignty.

The months following that evening revealed to me an emotional and physical healing. My heart was not burdened with worry and my body was strong and healthy in ways that even had my doctor smiling and shaking her head. God heard my cries and brought healing beyond what I could have ever imagined.

If you have something emotional or physical that is hindering you from entering into this advent season with joy and peace please take time to come to the healing service at Church of the Cross on December 4th at 7 pm.