(Our current Sunday morning Adult Education class is focusing on the arts. Enjoy this summary from our last class, and consider joining us on Sunday mornings.)

by Joel Bascom

citylightsMany years ago, when my wife Stephanie and I were dating, I took her the Silent Movie Theater (in our hometown of Los Angeles) to see one of my favorite movies. When we sat in the theater, watching the images of Charlie Chaplin in “City Lights” flicker across the screen, we knew we were sharing a special moment. Not only had we watched a funny movie together, but we had watched a movie that depicts loveliness, sacrifice, and unexpected heroism.

Art is like that. In this broken world, we see through a glass dimly, but God still uses art (and the work of broken artists) to touch us and to give us new views not only of life, but also of Him. This week, Denis Haack and I began a four-week course of interaction with the arts. Our church has a special place in its heart for the arts, and Denis and I are excited to interact even more with some of what the arts can teach us. This week, we began by laying a foundation for our four-week study. Together, we shared our stories about how art has changed and challenged us and why we love the arts. We spent considerable time discussing several passages of Scripture that give us ideas of some of the ways we can interact with art as believers. This discussion was focused around the four big chapters of God’s (and humanity’s) story–Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration. We thought about how art has a place of reminding us of the great story and that making, enjoying and participating in art is an essential part of being created in the image of God.

This Sunday, October 18, I will lead a study on the various forms of art specifically referenced in the Bible. We hope to see you in the conference room adjacent to the sanctuary at 10:45 on Sunday morning!