by Molly Ruch

It should go without saying that you are all invited to the ten-year birthday party for Church of the Cross this weekend!  The three big events of the weekend are: The 24 Hour Prayer Vigil beginning Friday at 5:30, The Potluck and Praise evening beginning at 5:30 on Saturday night, and the Sunday afternoon Ice Cream Social.  Again, I encourage you to fit it all in; we only turn ten once.  But if that is not possible – don’t miss Saturday night!  It is going to be memorable.

In preparing for the party, I’ve been pulling out the baby books, so to speak.  Since our first days as a group, we have been writing down our prayers for Church of the Cross.  Here is one from before we started weekly services:  “Father, you have provided us with an amazing space to begin our official services and I pray that you would use that service to bring people to you.  I know that you are at work constantly – please help us to do your work and not our own.”

In the process of writing down our prayers, it allows us to look back and see the amazing ways God has answered prayer and also how He has grown and changed us according to His design.  At the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil we ask that you take some time to write down a prayer you have for Church of the Cross.  What would you like to see God do in our church and through our church in the next decade or two?  Cards will be provided; look for them in the sanctuary.

We will also be providing a prayer guide.  If you choose to use the guide, it will have some questions that you could reflect on during your time of prayer.

Here are some additional ideas to do during the Prayer Vigil:

  • Go in the conference room, take a look at the ministries we sponsor which are on the bulletin boards, and pray for our missionaries.  Puzzles of the US and the world will be out on the table.  This is a great way to engage children to pray for God’s work in the world.
  • Visit the upstairs kids’ classrooms.  Pray for the children of Church of the Cross.  You will find a list of names of all the children of our church, located on the wall inside the rooms.
  • Find the youth room downstairs, settle in on one of the comfy couches, and pray for our youth whose names are posted on a sheet by the door.

Also, at both 3 pm and 4 pm, there will be members of the Hopkins Acts Group walking the neighborhood and praying for God’s blessing to be extended to our neighbors.  Join them; this is another great way for families to pray together.  We have more invitations to pass out to our neighbors inviting them to the Ice Cream Social the next day.

The Prayer Vigil is a way of reminding all of us that only God builds a church, only God transforms our lives, only God can grant our deepest desires and longings.  May God’s power be present as we pray – that the power of the Holy Spirit would heal, guide, and instruct.

Please click here to sign up to join us for the prayer vigil.  We encourage as many people as possible to pray with us; sign up even if there is already one or two people praying that hour.