(We recorded the discussion from Believing Beyond the Ballot Box. It was challenging to consider this topic in more depth, and particularly helpful that everyone involved was very thoughtful and considerate. We hope you find it helpful as well.)

The evening began with an extended discussion, led by Dr. Andy Bramsen, of why Christians should engage in politics in various ways in their lives. After this, each panel member considered a specific question related to not only why, but how Christians might choose to pursue God’s kingdom in our political communities and institutions.

Here is the audio from the first part of the night:

After a short break, we reconvened to consider questions that had been submitted by those in attendance. After each question, the members of the panel could choose to respond as they felt helpful.

Here is the audio from the second part of the night:

These were the members of the panel:

  1. David Asp is a member of Church of the Cross, and a lawyer in Minneapolis. He has been involved in party politics at many different levels, primarily as a volunteer for candidates, political committees, and the Republican Party. Earlier this year, David was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and represented Minnesota on the convention rules committee.
  2. Andy Bramsen is a member of Church of the Redeemer where he serves on the church’s vestry. He has a PhD in political science from the University of Notre Dame and is an assistant professor of political science at Bethel University. His research and teaching interests focus on the relationship between religion and political life.
  3. Denis Haack a member of Church of the Cross, a writer and speaker with Ransom Fellowship, a ministry designed to help Christians develop skill in discernment, applying the truth of the gospel to all of life and culture. He is working on a book on how we can be faithful to our Lord in an increasingly pluralistic culture.
  4. Calleigh McRaith is a member of Church of the Redeemer and is a part of the church’s vestry. Calleigh studied English Literature at Wheaton College and received her J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. Since graduating from law school, Calleigh has worked for the Minnesota Supreme Court and the US Department of Justice, as well as a local non-profit where she represented low-income immigrants. Calleigh is currently an attorney at Wilson Law Group in Minneapolis, where she focuses exclusively on immigration matters.
  5. Sean O’Neil is a member of Church of the Cross and has a background in community and economic development. He studied Political Science at Bethel University and Public Policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He currently works on an economic development program at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Peter Berg, deacon and Pastor of Youth and Adult Ministries at Church of the Cross served as the moderator.