by David Clark

We’d been at COTC a little over a year when I went on my first men’s retreat. At that time, I was feeling very comfortable at the church. I loved the worship services and really felt that I had found a sense of identity as an Anglican. But the “missing piece” in my relationship to COTC was the lack of personal connections with other men. My interaction thus far had been limited to casual conversations after the services, and I was very anxious to get to get to know some of the guys better.

What I found on that retreat was that there were other men just like me, who were eager to build closer relationships. Conversations came easily, and it was very encouraging to meet people who were generally interested in my story, my interests and my experiences. The men that I interacted with were willing to talk, but they were also willing to listen. I came away from the retreat feeling that I was now known by other people at the church, just as I now knew others better.

Our Annual Men’s Retreat is coming up soon (February 7-9).  If you’re interested in building stronger relationships with other guys from COTC, I hope you will attend.  Click here to learn more and to sign up.