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An Invitation to “A Time Set Apart” on December 1

by pberg

by Andrea Lang I came to the first healing service to encourage my mom–a gift of respect–to be a cheerleader in the congregation. I wanted to support the call on her life and the work she does in our midst. By the second time I was coming because I serve on the worship team for […]

Making it to Holy Week services with Little Children

by pberg

by Molly Ruch I know some of you are looking at the four days of services beginning tonight and wondering how on earth you will do them with children in tow. Well, as someone who has been there and made it through (and, I might add, with a husband who had all sorts of excuses […]

Welcoming the Stranger

by pberg

by Molly Stawarz Rick and I have moved eight times in last eight years, crisscrossing the country from Chicago to San Francisco to Birmingham to Minneapolis. Looking back, it feels a bit like we’ve been playing a game of real live pinball! In addition to the geographical distance we’ve covered, we’ve moved from one end […]

Women’s Retreat 2015: A Time for a Different Posture

by pberg

by Jennifer Jacobs Remember the opening scene of The Sound of Music, when Maria heads to the hills outside the abbey? She spins around in the grass of the Alps with her arms out and her face to the sky, singing that famous song. Being outside, away from her duties and her abbey family, feeds […]

COTC’s Birthday Celebration 2015

by pberg

by Christian Ruch I recently read about Albert Einstein’s fiftieth birthday. By that time in his life Einstein had gained worldwide fame and he was desiring solitude. So for days before his birthday he hid away in the secluded cottage of a friend while newspapers speculated on his whereabouts. On the day of his birthday […]

The Language of the Psalms—New Adult Education Series

by pberg

by Joel Bascom Minnesota native and radio icon, Garrison Keillor, made up a list called “You Might Be a Lutheran If…” While many of these entries are specific to Lutheranism, one is also very applicable to Anglicans. “You Might be a Lutheran if you’re watching Star Wars in the theatre and when they say, ‘May […]