by Christian Ruch

I recently read about Albert Einstein’s fiftieth birthday. By that time in his life Einstein had gained worldwide fame and he was desiring solitude. So for days before his birthday he hid away in the secluded cottage of a friend while newspapers speculated on his whereabouts. On the day of his birthday he walked to a nearby house to call his wife, and when she started to wish him birthday greetings he interrupted her to give her some calculations that he wanted passed on to his assistant. “Such fuss about a birthday,” he said as he ended the call.

In regard to my own birthday I can relate to Einstein, I don’t need a lot of celebration. However, I feel very different about the birthday of Church of the Cross. As we celebrate 11 years of ministry this Fall, I am so aware of all the amazing ways God has provided for our community and the joy it is for us to express our gratitude together. Our birthday is a time for us to come together and acknowledge that it is only through the Lord’s provision and grace that we’re still here

10th Birthday 78This year we are celebrating our birthday in a few different ways. First, on Saturday night September 12 at 6:30 PM we will gather together for a time of worship. Our music team will lead us in a fairly unstructured time of singing together and giving thanks. If, like me, you have thought at the end of one of our Sunday morning services “I want to keep going—how about a few more songs?” then this is a gathering especially for you (OK, I admit it, I even feel that way at the end of the Easter Vigil, and it’s a 3 hour-long service).

During our Sunday morning worship services, we’ll have a special opportunity for thanksgiving and intercessory prayer. Pray-ers will meet in the library to thank God for his blessings, to seek him for the upcoming year, and to pray for the morning services. In doing this prayer time, we are living out in a tangible way one of the core values of our church—The Necessity of Dependence on God. Please sign up for an hour slot to pray by clicking here or on the sign in the gathering space this Sunday.

Finally, as has become a tradition, after each of the worship services on Sunday morning Sept. 13, we will have cake and a bouncy house (both outside—sorry kids, we just can’t fit the bouncy house in the sanctuary).  As we did last year, though, we are again this year adding some additional elements—ice cream, hot dogs, face painting, tattoos (temporary ones, again, sorry kids), lawn games, and balloon animals.  This will not only be a celebration for us, but we’re also inviting our neighborhood to join the fun.  Please plan on signing up this Sunday to help out in some way or sign up online by clicking here, including distributing some invitations around the neighborhood.

I hope you can participate in some or all of these celebratory activities.  I look forward to another year of seeing God at work here at Church of the Cross.