by Molly Ruch


My kids are my great help in reminding me of our Easter traditions – especially the traditions involving candy.  I was recently reminded by them that last year we had egg cups around the house with jelly beans.   I think, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  I need to add jelly beans to my grocery list.”  Another candy tradition is to eat chocolate – at church in the sanctuary nonetheless! – at the Vigil’s great Alleluia.  (How is it that the pastor’s wife started this tradition with my kids, you may ask?  Because it was a great way to get kids to sit quietly through the vigil!  This was not a bribe; it was a celebratory reward.)  So chocolates get added to the grocery list as well.


But it wasn’t until attending Church of the Redeemer yesterday, our daughter church, that I was reminded of one more tradition for the Vigil.  Bells!!!  How could I forget bells?  The ringing of the bells at the great Alleluia is one of my favorite parts of the Vigil.  What a glorious noise is made as we, in a limited way, try to exclaim the greatness of the truth that Christ is Risen!  So bring your bells.  Let us all join together in celebrating the greatest truth of all the ages – Christ defeated death.