Our Men’s Retreat this year is a joint retreat with Church of the Cross and Restoration Anglican, and will be held February 1 – 3 at Mount Carmel Ministries in Alexandria, Minnesota. The retreat is a great opportunity for us to enjoy the fellowship we have as brothers-in-Christ, to worship together, and to enjoy a few days of fun and relaxation. All men, 16 years and older, are invited to attend. If you have friends outside of our congregation who would enjoy a weekend away, we encourage you to invite them as well.

Registration is Closed. If you are still hoping to attend, contact Fr. Peter in case of cancellations, etc.

Registration is due by Wednesday, January 9. This includes filling out the online form, and paying online or sending in payment of cash or check (201 9th Ave North, Hopkins, MN 55343). The cost is $160 (or $165 if paying online). The registration fee covers the cost of food, one single bed for two nights, and facilities fees. If cost is prohibitive for you to attend, please let Father Peter know, as scholarship funds are available.

Notice of cancellation must be received by January 20; after that, a cancellation fee of at least $100 will be required.

Please also considering to our scholarship fund. Some options for giving are included on the online form, or you can donate separately.

If you have any questions, please contact Father Peter (Pastor of Youth and Adult Ministries at Church of the Cross).


This year, we will be meeting somewhere new–Mount Carmel Ministries in Alexandria. This Christian retreat center is located on Lake Carlos, near Lake Carlos State Park, and has great spaces for us to use.
We decided to try this change for two main reasons. 1) Cost–meeting on the North Shore is meaning higher and higher costs (reaching over $200 for a retreat). This site has a decently lower cost.
2) Communal spaces. Even more than cost, this was a key motivation for us. Simply put, we’re running out of group spaces at our previous location, and we have always struggled to get everyone together around meals and free time. Mount Carmel has a nice, large dining area, where we can all eat together (with meals made for us) as well as a great worship space, game room, and other good spaces where we can all gather. We hope this means that we can more easily connect, especially during free time, as men who want to be together gather in these common spaces. (You can still chose to spend time alone, of course. And, you will still have your own bed.)