by Joel Warne

A friend, Kate, told me that early in her married life with Mark she walked into the basement of their home one evening to find Mark ironing his one-dollar bills.

“Uh-oh,” Kate thought.

Mark loved money. He loved the look of money, the feel of money, and the rush it gave him when his pockets were full of it. While they were dating his intense affair with money seemed a little weird but Kate thought, “It’s a passing thing. He’ll change in time.”

Ooops! A year later his crisp dollar bills signaled a long season of struggle ahead for a more shared, satisfying vision of life.

ChurchCross-0241Have you ever noticed that, by itself, time does not deliver us from our problems? In fact, married or single, we can get stuck for a long, long time in the same compulsions and deflating patterns that make relationships, jobs, marriages, parenting, our future, and life in general feel set in concrete.

Mark ultimately discovered a beautiful, transforming rhythm that God has built into our lives that’s liberating and hopeful. It’s the rhythm imbedded in the seasons of Jesus’ life that we celebrate during this Eastertide—life, death, and transcendent rebirth—letting our old patterns and pains “ascend” to God, and receiving a new Pentecost of God’s Spirit for our future.

On Saturday, May 2, at COTC, we’ll explore this beautiful and life-giving cycle in a brief but powerful retreat:

The Seasons of the Soul: Transforming Rhythms in Life with God.

We’ll look at our lives through the lens of this central arc of the Gospel story, giving time to notice what season or seasons in the story we are especially experiencing right now. What’s happening? What are the possibilities? Where’s the comfort? What are we invited to leave behind to make way for God’s new thing?

We’ll also notice whether we’re kicking against our story in any way. When the Apostle Paul was resisting his own story early in life, Jesus said to him one day, “Saul, Saul…it’s hard for you to kick against the goads” (Acts 26:14)!

Sometimes we don’t especially like the particular season we find ourselves in—so we kick against it. But how can we make peace with our seasons, relax with God there, and let him get on with our transforming adventure?

Kate and Mark found courage to enter the rhythm of Jesus’ resurrection cycle, and with it they entered a transformed, generous new future.

As the retreat facilitator for May 2nd I hope you’ll join Andene, the retreat team, and me for a morning of new possibilities! Our retreat starts at 8:30am, includes a catered lunch, and we’ll have you on your way by 2pm!  What’s not to like?

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