by Lauren Evans

Hopkins_2As part of the “Way of the Cross” Generosity Initiative, Church of the Cross raised money to be used to bless our local community here in Hopkins. After considering several ideas, the Hopkins Acts Group decided upon the Hopkins Service Challenge as the best way to carry out that goal.

The Challenge is an opportunity for high school students in Hopkins to plan and carry out a service project benefitting the community. To participate in the challenge, teams of students will propose service projects and the winning projects will be implemented by the students. Church of the Cross will fund the selected projects and scholarships to the students who devised them. By involving students in creating a plan to serve the city, we hope to compound the effectiveness of our gift. The Challenge is designed to encourage and develop students’ civic involvement, creativity, and leadership and give them the ability to achieve real-world results.

We hope that this process allows the community to help determine where the need in the city is greatest and to have the ability to partner with local organizations to better the city. Projects will be selected based on how well they benefit the community and engage community stakeholders as well as the thoroughness, feasibility, and sustainability of the plans.

Keep an eye out for specific ways to assist with the Challenge as time goes on. Or, if you’re interested in getting involved in the planning stage of this project now, please join us at the next Hopkins Acts meeting (first Thursday of the month at 7pm).  For more information about the Challenge or just about the Hopkins Acts group in general, please can contact Christian.


The Hopkins Acts Group runs our yearly neighborhood birthday celebration.