by Peter Berg

At Church of the Cross, we have a strong desire and sense of calling to be a multiplying church. This means not just that we are called to church planting, but that we want to multiply ministries, leaders (both ordained and lay), and Christians. As part of this, last spring, we decided to begin a Youth Ministry Intern position. This position is designed to offer training and experience to those discerning a call to church-based youth ministry. At the same time, we also continued filling out our residency program. Many of you know that Rick Stawarz came to Church of the Cross as a Church Planting Resident for extra training, experience, and discernment; to compliment this, we also designed a Church Ministry Residency for those feeling a particular call to church ministry, though perhaps not church planting.

I’m especially joyful that God has provided both a new intern and ministry resident to us at Cross, and both began in September. Carrie Wyatt is our new Youth Ministry Intern, and Justin Moline is our new Church Ministry Resident (he’ll be focusing a lot on youth ministry, but getting experience elsewhere around church as well).

Below you’ll hear just a little from both Justin and Carrie about how they came to Cross and what they are most excited about for their new positions. If you get the opportunity, please take time to meet them and please do be praying for them as they learn and discern where God is calling them.

How did Church of the Cross become your church home?
Carrie Wyatt

Carrie Wyatt

Carrie – I became involved in Church of the Cross after a Google search of “Anglican churches in the Twin Cities”. I was looking for a church that I could feel connected with and a friend recommended an Anglican community. I searched online and decided to visit Church of the Cross. I remember visiting that first Sunday and feeling like this church was so full of life. I enjoyed the liturgy more than I thought I would; I was moved by the Prayers of the People and Communion. I just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so powerfully. Shortly after this, I decided to join the Wednesday night women’s Bible study. I truly felt like I belonged at Church of the Cross.



Justin, Brittany, and Georgia.

Justin – My wife Brittany and I heard about Church of the Cross from our friends, the Murrays. We just moved to Minnesota from California for work and we were looking to find a body of believers we could call family. Neither of us came from liturgical backgrounds, so our first Sunday was an eye-opening experience. I still remember going forward for Holy Communion and being in disbelief that everyone took a sip of wine from the same cup. I started to giggle out of nervousness and shock. Our first Sunday was a great experience, but we were not yet sure what it would take to call this church home. After a couple of months, we had been to Church of the Cross several times. But we did not fully commit ourselves to the body and had been using Church of the Cross to fulfill our own personal convictions of attending church. Together, Brittany and I decided we needed to act by faith, trusting the Lord that if we committed ourselves to the body of Christ, there we would find a true family. Once we made this decision the Lord revealed to us the amazing work he is doing through Church of the Cross. We felt the love of the community, we saw the servant hearts of the leaders, and we knew and experienced the richness of Christ like never before through the sacraments, the corporate worship, the prayers of the people, and the instruction from the teachers. No longer were Brittany and I attending merely for the spiritual conviction we felt, but we were drawn by the beauty and love of Christ displayed through his Bride. We are glad and proud to call Church of the Cross our home and our family.

What are you most excited about for this new position?

Carrie – I am most excited to grow in my strengths with people who are committed to investing in me. I have a passion for youth ministry and I’m excited for that to grow. I feel called to full-time ministry and God has used Church of the Cross in big ways to prepare me for that. He continues to use the awesome staff at Cross to challenge and teach me.

Justin – Having the opportunity to be the Church Ministry Resident is humbling. From a young age I felt the calling of God to serve his church. The Lord has taken me to mountaintops and valleys as I have pursued ministry. He still is calling and he has been faithful. I am most excited to receive wisdom and experience from this new position. I hope to glean from the array of gifted leaders who vary in talents and I hope to be exposed to a variety of efforts that the church is seeking out to equip the saints and seek the lost. I pray that I would have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord would have me receive in this new season. I am also excited about the responsibility I will have when I get to teach. My prayer and desire is that the Gospel of our Lord would go forth in power. I desire to help others articulate their beliefs so that it will lead to adoration, transformation, and action in all of our relationships.