by Rick Stawarz

Minnesota isn’t the only state that has been experiencing abnormal weather lately. This last spring, Alabama received an unusual amount of rain, and on April 7th, the rain was especially relentless. Creeks rose and several homes, apartment complexes, and cars flooded that night. You can see more of the devastation here.


Some of our friends from our small group were in those apartments. So, shortly after the flooding, members of our small group swooped into action and helped to move furniture, books, clothes, other belongings. Some stuff was saved. Some was damaged. Everybody was wet and cold.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

Life happens, right? Sometimes it’s a flooded apartment, but sometimes it’s the arrival of a baby or moving into a new home or the celebration of a wedding. Life happens, and when you’re in Christ, life happens in the midst of brothers and sisters who love you. We rescue one another, celebrate with one another, and weep with one another.

This month, Church of the Cross is introducing a new addition to the Small Group ministry called Life Groups. (Existing small groups will continue as usual.) Life Groups meet every other week, and the focus is to grow deeper in relationship with each other and our heavenly Father. This is done through times of fellowship, meaningful discussion along the lines of Sunday’s sermon, and committed times of prayer. Life in Christ was never meant to be lived alone.

To learn more about Life Groups or express interest in joining one, please head over to the Life Groups webpage here.