by Peter Berg

Twelve members of our youth and four adult leaders recently returned from our mission trip in Merida, Mexico. YWAM Minneapolis led our trip, and we were blessed to serve and be served in a variety of ways. This Sunday, July 19, many of our youth and our adults will be sharing about their experience during our Sunday morning worship service. Before that, I wanted to share some of the basics of what we did on our trip.

Largely, we served through children’s ministry–we did simple skits to share Bible stories and lessons, played games, did face painting and balloon animals. Also, we participated in three separate church services, which included some teaching, testimonies, and prayer. We were especially blessed to be able to pray directly for members of the congregations–to bless them and pray for healing, among other things–and, the churches prayed for us. (The three churches we served were sister congregations–all were named Iglesia Cristiana Y Misionera) We did do some simple work projects as well; we painted parts of a church and helped dig rocks out of a potential garden for teaching gardening to children.

Below is a schedule of what we did with a few details. This will be helpful to understand our trip, and very helpful before hearing stories with more detail from the youth directly.

Sunday, June 28

Travel to Merida, Mexico.

Monday, June 29

AM – Painted parts of the church where we stayed.


PM – Served at the “Settlements”: poor, shanty towns filled with people escaping violence in Northern Mexico, and others unable to afford both rent and food, etc. Prayed with families and did our children’s ministry.


Tuesday, June 30

AM – Travelled to Ek Balam. Tour the village, inviting people to our services and praying for people.


The church at Ek Balam.

PM – Children’s services for local children, followed by a church service that included preaching and lots of prayers for blessing and healing over members of the church.

Wednesday, July 1

(Aidan’s Birthday–our YWAM leaders even helped us find a cake to celebrate.)

AM – Travelled to Tedzids. Toured the town (including a really cool huge colonial-era ruin), inviting people to our services and praying with them.


PM – Children’s services for church and local children, followed by an excellent game of football–America verses Mexico. Finally, a service with the churches youth, including worship, testimonies, a message, and praying for each other.


Thursday, July 2

AM – Worked at Siloe, a community outreach ministry of the church (providing meals and Bible lessons to children of the neighborhood, etc), digging a garden for teaching gardening.  (I have never seen so many rocks, and I did lots of rock picking on the farm growing up.)


PM – Served at the “Settlements” again, doing another little service and handing out many gifts (clothing, toys, toiletries). Ended the week with a final church service at our host church in Merida that included testimonies, praying for each other, and lots of sharing from all of us.


Friday, July 3

Free day. We rested by visiting the Mayan ruin Chichen Itza and an amazing cenote (cave for swimming) called Ik Kil. That evening, our many new church friends hosted a piñata party as a farewell to us.

Saturday, July 4

Travel home to Minnesota.