Everybody loves a good story. A good story takes you places you’ve never been and introduces you to people you’ve never met. A good story sticks with you and can even change the way you think. The Bible is full of amazing stories, inspired by God, that have been told and retold countless times. Each week, the 4th- 6th grade class experiences a new story through Chronological Biblical Storying. We listen, retell, wonder, and look for connections to the bigger story – God’s story. We discover how the stories fit together to reveal who God is and give us a picture of who He created us to be. We recognize His great love for us, and how He calls individuals to become a part of His story. Best of all, we learn that God’s story doesn’t end on the last page. He invites us, today, to join His story, to make it our story, to discover our role in His plan and to share His love with others. Kids in this age group meet during the 10:45 service, first for worship in the Great Hall in the basement and then they are dismissed to their class time in the youth room.

SarahHaSarah Hamer is the primary teacher for the Fourth-Sixth Grade class. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the class, please click here to contact Andrea Lang, our Pastor Children’s & Family Ministry.