9:00am: Kindergarten – Third Grade          10:45am: Kindergarten – First Grade

“Welcome to the Worship Center. The Worship Center is a special place where we talk to God and listen to God and hear the stories of God’s people.” So begins a Godly Play class each Sunday upstairs in our classroom at the furthest end of the hallway from the nurseries. In Godly Play children learn how to create space–both physically and spiritually–for worship. There are three parts to a Godly Play session: The Story and Response, Work Time, and The Feast. During The Story and Response, children are told the stories of God’s people and respond to them through open-ended “I wonder…” prompts. During Work Time, they respond to the stories in unique and meaningful ways, through art or by using the materials to tell the stories themselves. During Feast Time, the children enjoy fellowship with each other as a small snack is shared. Godly Play gives each of the children an opportunity to explore what it means to be part of God’s story, both individually and collectively.

If you would like more information or have any questions about the Godly Play class please click here to email Andrea Lang, the coordinating teacher for this class.