9:00am & 10:45am          Infants – Two year olds

Go upstairs and down the hall toward the windows to find the nursery. Caregivers can bring their children up and sign them in before each service. After the Prayers of the People, at the Peace, parents come back up to get their little ones so that everyone is together for the family celebration of the Eucharist.

The nursery children are shown the love of Jesus with open arms for hugging, laps for reading, tunes for singing, Cheerios for eating, and bubbles for blowing. When children arrive, they get busy playing–kitchen, trains, dolls and more. Each child receives prayer from a volunteer (indicated by the sticker on their backs) and later, while singing “Jesus loves me” those interested gather on the red rug to hear a Bible story. Many of them are captivated and attentive. After this, comes Cheerios! They line up in the animal chairs along the wall and wait patiently for a snack. While they munch the adults pray and read the month’s blessing over them. Soon it is time to clean up and blow bubbles before reconnecting with their parents. The volunteers are warm and welcoming, their attention and love provides a place of God’s safety and trust to these precious hearts.

The nursery rooms are also available to change diapers and nurse.

AndreaPIf you would like more information or have any questions about the nursery please click here to email Andrea Pope, the coordinating teacher for this class.