At the 10:45 service after gathering, greeting and worshipping with all the Kids of the Cross, the 2nd and 3rd grade class meets weekly on the brown spotted rug in the basement. In these grades we use a curriculum called Dwell. It has a 2 year cycle focusing one year on New Testament material and the following year on Old Testament lessons. We follow a similar routine to other classes here at COTC in that we gather, introduce a Bible lesson for the day, wonder together about the story in conversation, and have a response time before sending them off with a blessing. As this is the first class in which we hear the lesson read from the Bible without being paraphrased, we are working at making our way around this precious gift, taking the time to find book, chapter and verse. Sometimes we even take turns reading. We memorize the books of the Bible and have a memory verse for each unit. Our responses are fun and embrace the joy of being a kid. We use the whole basement at times to play games, act stories out and move around. 


If you would like more information or have any questions about the Second -Third grade class please click here to email Andrea Lang, the coordinating teacher for this class.