Church of the Cross had the pleasure this September 8-9 of hosting the first ever “MinneRevive” Conference. MinneRevive included times of worship, teachings, fellowship, and even ordinations, and provided a space for attendees to be strengthened, refreshed, and equipped for our work summed up as “pursuing a revival of word and sacrament infused by the Holy Spirit”.

Our weekend was anchored by three plenary teachings, two led by Rev. Stephen Gauthier, the Canon Theologian of our Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest, and one led by our Bishop, Stewart Ruch III. Their teachings are each linked below.

Plenary 1 – Rev. Stephen Gauthier – Our Anglican Identity: Encountering the One Who Lives and Breathes – Luke 24:13-25

Plenary 2 – Rt. Rev. Stewart Ruch III – Acts 2:42-47

Plenary 3 – Rev. Stephen Gauthier – Seeing the Unseen: The Sacramental Worldview – Mark 2:1-12

MinneRevive ended on Saturday afternoon with an ordination service for three pastors (1 ordained as deacon, 2 as priests). The message from this service is included below.

Ordination Service Sermon – Rev. Christian Ruch

Finally, some members of Church of the Cross have shared their reflections on MinneRevive, which are also linked below.

MinneRevive Reflection – Revived, by Andrea Pope.

MinneRevive Reflection – Ordinations, by Jennifer Asp