A few fun facts about the movie…

1) The koala bear found in the second scene is actually Blair Carlson’s childhood toy, and is actually from Australia.

2) When it comes time to write the script for these videos, Christian always asks someone else to do it–he never feels like he has enough ideas.  But everyone else always declines, so he has to.  Then he writes a great script in just a few hours.  🙂

3) Greg Stewart, our editor extraordinaire, creates and edits videos as part of his job, which is why some parts of the video are so professionally done.

4) Gigantic puppy was loaned to us by Bennet Lang.  He was very concerned that we take good care of him for the video and not let him get hurt.  We did our best to make sure he always felt right at home.

5) Peter Berg is actually a Hollywood director.  Most recently, he directed “Lone Survivor”, but he also directed movies like “Battleship” and “Hancock”.  I haven’t seen any of those movies, and I know almost nothing about the man.  All I know is that he makes it almost impossible to “Google” myself.