by Molly Ruch


The Soda Pop Tasting Party

Just days after one of our children’s birthdays, the recent birthday child is reminded by siblings that his or her birthday is now the farthest away.  That fact has never hindered that child from beginning work on planning the details of their next birthday party.  When our oldest, Aidan, was four, he spent about a year talking about and planning his “United States of America Party.”  After that party he then spent the next year working on the “Volcano Birthday.” Cyrus spent at least six months on the “Soda Pop Tasting Party”—he had to make sure to pick just the right soda pops.  One year our daughter Lottie went back and forth to the final hour debating if she should have a “Fairy Birthday” or a “Butterfly Birthday.”  Even with months of discussion, the actual pulling together of the party was relegated to a much shorter window of time.  It was just days before the “Volcano Birthday” that we figured out (with the help of my mechanical engineer brother) how to make an exploding cake using an air compressor (best done outdoors).


She chose the butterfly party. (Notice the cake?)

And much like this pattern in the Ruch household, so it is with the upcoming 10th birthday of Church of the Cross.  Lots of past discussion now brings us to the point of needing to implement dreams and ideas as we prepare for a September celebration.  On our actual birthday weekend of September 12-14th, we will be celebrating with a number of activities, including a 24 hour prayer Vigil, a Saturday night dinner and celebration, and our Sunday morning worship followed by birthday cake and a bouncy house.  If you would like to be involved in helping put together these activities, please contact me.

For our 10th Birthday year, we will have the pleasure of hosting two Bishops visits.  Bishop Sandy Greene and his wife Gigi will join us on the weekend of our birthday, September 12-14th.  Many of you know +Sandy as he was our bishop from the time we began Church of the Cross until our transfer to the Anglican Church of North America two years ago.  We will also be hosting Bishop Stewart Ruch as he comes for a celebration weekend on October 25th for a joint service with Church of the Redeemer, which will also include the confirmation of youth from both churches.  Again, if you’d like to help the Ruchs with planning and preparation for that weekend, please contact me.

We plan to continue celebrating God’s faithfulness to our church during the whole of this next year.  So if you are not able to help in the fall, there will be other ways to be involved.  Watch for those in upcoming announcements.  I am so thankful to count you as fellow members of this church family.  What a blessing to celebrate together.

Robin Hood Party

Robin Hood Party