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Come to the Table

by pberg

by Elizabeth Stewart “Is it just my imagination, or are there more lost shoes, discouraging arguments, serious fashion failures, lost keys, and dawdling children on Sunday mornings than on any other day of the week?” No, it’s probably not just your imagination. My experience with the Sunday Scramble began long before my first child was […]

Rise and Shine: A Reflection on Epiphany

by pberg

by Elizabeth Stewart Today is a frigid one. The coldest temperatures in a decade make me feel as though the best place to be is under the covers.  It’s perhaps not a day on which even a hardy Canadian feels much like rising, let alone, shining!  Brrrr. January 6th on the Christian calendar is known […]

Celebrating Christmas for 12 Days

by pberg

by Elizabeth Stewart and the Children’s Leaders’ Team Did you know the celebration of Christmas lasts from December 25th to January 5th?  Advent is a time of waiting and expectation, and during the Twelve Days of Christmas our waiting and hoping is fulfilled as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Those of us who observe […]