by Christian Ruch

This Sunday (10/5/14) at 10:45 our newest adult education offering begins in the conference room (that’s the room on the first floor right off of the gathering space).  For four weeks attendees with be learning about different aspects of Anglicanism from different members of our church pastoral staff.  Here are a few thoughts on why you may want to consider being part of the class.

It will help you better understand why we do what we do at Church of the Cross:  The most important thing to know about Church of the Cross is that we are a church committed to Christ, and we are unified with all those who confess Christ as Lord. So our first priority is to make Christ known, not to spread the good news of Anglicanism.  But we are also Anglican, and that identity affects what our worship service looks like, how we think about discipleship, how we understand church leadership, and a host of other areas.  This class will discuss the theology and reason behind many of the traditions and views of our church.  It will also give you an understanding of how Church of the Cross, as well as the Anglican Church of North America, fit into the larger Anglican communion and tradition.


The Compass Rose: A Symbol of Anglicanism (Come to the classes to learn why)

It will help you better understand church history:  Christianity is a historical faith, and so knowing history is important for all Christians.  While knowing Biblical history is the most important thing, it is also helpful to our faith to learn the history of the church since its founding 2000 years ago.  This class will cover just one aspect of that history—how God has worked in the Anglican communion—but that history has played an important role in shaping the worldwide church today.  The Anglican communion is the third largest body of Christians in the world (after the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church) and learning more about it will help give you a broader picture of God’s work throughout the world and throughout history.

It will help you better understand other people at Church of the Cross.  Well, OK, maybe it won’t help you understand them (but that way my three paragraph headings match) but it will help you get to know others better.  Our adult education offerings are not only places to learn information, but places for building relationships.  As you discuss and process the different teachings together, you will have a chance to learn what others at Cross believe, what past history has shaped them, and how they ended up in this strange world of Anglicanism.

Finally, I would just mention that one important aspect of Anglicanism that you will hear about in the class is the centrality of liturgical worship and the celebration of the Eucharist.  In light of this, it would be a supreme irony to skip liturgical worship to attend the class.  Please worship with us first at the 9 AM service before going to the class at 10:45.  As a matter of fact unless you have your hand stamped at the 9 AM you won’t be allowed into the class (that’s a joke, of course…we only stamp hands to make sure people don’t try to get seconds of bagels). If you would like to attend the class but the timing doesn’t work for you, I would encourage you to send a note to our adult ministries pastor Andene O’Neil.  If there is enough interest we can look into offering the class again at a different time.

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