by the Arts Committee

One of our core values at Church of the Cross is “The power of connectedness“. Connectedness happens as we share our stories with one another and discover together our place in God’s bigger story. One of the best means we have as human beings to express and experience stories (and therefore inspire conversation, community and connectedness) is through the Arts.

At Church of the Cross, we want to encourage the presence and appreciation of the Arts as a means to share and  experience various stories and inspire conversations, within and without our community, as well as exhorting our community to encounter the bigger story that is in Christ.

Easter Vigil 171

Photo by Jamie Kaihoi

Our desire is that Art in this place will serve the purposes of God. We hope that Art in this place will tell the story of who God is and who we are while provoking us to grow into who we are becomingthat it will engage and confirm our vision, mission and values, and contribute to an atmosphere (a holy place) that invites the work of God’s presence in and among his people.

The Arts committee has been created to help embody these aspirations and to further develop and articulate a vision for the Arts at COTC.  If you’d like to learn more, please contact one of the following members of the Arts committee:

Ben Kyle 
Molly Ruch
Blair Carlson
Sue Awes
Cheryl Witham
Andene O’Neil
Jolynn Fredrickson