by Christian Ruch

Some of the young folk on the church staff team have told me about this new thing called a “blog.”  Apparently this is the shorthand term used for a web log–as in a log entry that appears on the World Wide Web–which is sometimes just called ‘the web’ for short.  I have also been told that when writing one of these it is possible to enter into something called “the blogosphere,” and this sounds a bit like something out of Star Trek, so I’m up for that.  So, we have decided to begin a Church of the Cross Blog.  I am very excited about this new adventure and believe this will make our church cutting edge. I am still not actually clear on what this cutting edge is, but I think it’s a good thing.  (For those of you still getting my sense of humor, the previous is a bit of a joke, recognizing out church is a bit late to blogging, and perhaps that we also aren’t quite cutting edge.)

We will be calling the blog “Crossings,” and it will include:  reports about happenings in the life of Church of the Cross (many of them written by members of the congregation–so get ready to enter the blogosphere with us); reflections for the different seasons of the church year; updates from sponsored missionaries and ministries, news from our diocese and the greater Anglican world, and perhaps some surprises. The blog will be easy to access from our website, and we will also link to it from our Facebook page (so you should ‘like’ us on Facebook, if you haven’t already.  Facebook, by the way, is this great new website you should all check out–it’s part of something called ‘social networking’ and is also very cutting edge).

We thought in this first blog it would be helpful to let you know of a few things that you will never see in the Crossings blog  (except maybe just this once):

*Pictures from staff family vacations, like this: IMG_0844

*Anglican jokes like this:

An Anglican priest was about to deliver Sunday’s sermon. Approaching the microphone on the pulpit he tapped it & said: “There’s something wrong with this mike.” Immediately came the response: “And also with you.”

*Cute stories about the children and grandchildren of staff members like these:

When my son Aidan was young he used to call instructions, ‘destructions.’  So I would say to him, “Aidan, I don’t know how to put this together,” and he would say, “Dad, just read the destructions!”

Or this: Bennett, ready for church in a suit and tie… Bennettinsuiteandtie

*Desperate and guilt inducing pleas for help like this:  This year for Christmas we will be hand delivering 10,000 invitations to our Christmas Eve services.  To show our surrounding community how committed we are, we will be doing this on the coldest day of December.  If you are really committed to our church and to living as a disciple, we encourage you to join us, otherwise you can stay in your warm house and watch TV.  [We really are  stamping post cards after the services on 11/24/13, but not quite that many.]

* Unflattering pictures of me at Cross youth retreats  (well, OK, it’s possible there may be more of these in the future). 101_1304

Also, in case you don’t like the name Crossings, it may be helpful for you to know some of the names we considered and rejected for the blog.  Those include:

Crosstown Races Sing a Song
Hot Cross Pete
Why did the Anglican Cross the road?
What’s Hopping in Hopkins!
Sanctuary much (get it, it sounds like “Thank you very much” when you say it fast)
Mother Cheryl Explains it All
Felt Board Time with Liz
Annie and Andene and Anything they want to talk About
Trombones and Taize

So, add Crossings to your Blog Roll, or maybe include #Crossings in your next Twitter post (that’s called a hashtag by the way), chat us up on your MySpace page, or post a Crossings picture on Instagram! See you in the Blogosphere!  Make it so.  Engage.