by Christian, Aidan, Cyrus, Drew, and Lottie Ruch

(with a special guest appearance by Sophie the dog)

Christian: Hi everyone. Today on Crossings I have a few guest bloggers to help me out. Say Hi, guest bloggers.

Ruch Children: Hi, guest bloggers.

Christian: Is that some sort of joke?

Drew: I think Cy is some sort of joke.

Cyrus: Your face is some sort of joke, Drew!

Christian: OK, letʼs keep this civil. We are here to share our feelings about the upcoming Womenʼs Church of the Cross cookie exchange, which will be here at our house on Monday night Dec. 9th.


Aidan: Oh, no, how I dread the annual cookie exchange.

Lottie: You don’t like the cookie exchange Aidan? Why not?

Aidan: Well, the week before the cookie exchange, instead of having a nice relaxing weekend we are forced to clean the house from top to bottom and we have to work for hours. Then, once the house is clean we aren’t allowed to take anything out, so for the rest of the week we just sit around smelling the fresh cookies and we can’t even eat a single one. The only good part of it is that on the night of the cookie exchange we get to hide away down in the basement and watch TV all night. It’s a sort of Easter to our pre- cookie exchange Lent.

Cyrus: It’s still sort of torture though, knowing everyone is upstairs eating sweets while we are banished to the basement.

Lottie: I like it!

Drew: Of course you like it, you get to be upstairs with the women. They all think you’re cute and they stuff you full of cookies!

Christian: Well, maybe we should think beyond ourselves here, gang, and remember all the benefits of the cookie exchange for the women who attend.

Drew: You mean, like getting lots of cookies?

Christian: Yes, thereʼs that, but what else?

Lottie: Getting to know new people from the church!

Cyrus: Preparing for Christmas festivities.

Aidan: Blessing your guests with a variety of cookies that you didn’t have to all make yourself.

Drew: And being a part of the sanctification process for the Ruch children!

Christian: Wow, Drew, nice use of the world sanctification.

Drew: Give credit to Ms. Liz. Last week she taught us all about supralapsarianism.

Christian: Wow. Well, anyway, at the end of the night when itʼs all over, there are a lot of great cookies left behind.

Aidan: Yeah, that we aren’t allowed to eat until the church’s Christmas Eve service. More sanctification!

Lottie: Deal with it, Aidan, you need a lot of sanctification!


Cyrus: The truth is Dad that we all really love the cookie exchange because it’s another way that our church community can live out it’s value of the power of connectedness.

Christian: Hey, thanks Cyrus, thatʼs really nice.

Cyrus: Oh, I’m just being sarcastic Dad, what I really like is watching Star Trek in the basement and stealing cookies when no one is looking.

Christian: Well, I tried. That brings us to the end of another Crossings blog–hope you can make it to the cookie exchange.

Drew: And as you are enjoying fun conversation and fellowship, remember us, down in the basement.

Aidan: And perhaps throw down a cookie or two.

Sofie the Dog: Bark Woof (translation: And throw the dog a biscuit!)