by Peter Berg

For our Annual Celebration every year, the staff, along with plenty of volunteers from COTC, makes a funny video.  Or, at least, we attempt to make a funny video.  It actually takes a surprising amount of time and effort, but, year after year, I’m reminded why we make these funny little movies.


Four Slightly Over-Analyzed Reasons for our Annual Videos

1) We have to.

Seriously.  Last year, things were really busy and we had no workable ideas for a video, so we decided to skip it.  And then we began hearing from dozens of people how excited they were for the video.  It was eye-opening to realize how important these videos were.  So, we put our heads together and managed to get a video together after all.  (Click here to watch 2013’s video.)

2) They are family-forming.

This is why the “we have to” actually matters.  Think about it, families have fun together.  They share inside jokes.  Families live by and create values.  Our videos do all of this for us–they create and repeat inside jokes (the boiler, our love of coffee and donuts, picking on me).  They share our values in unique ways (this year, we joked about being “eye-level” with our kids, or about how the community watches out for each other’s children–funny, sure, but it is poking a little fun at how seriously we take our value of “The blessing of children”).  And they definitely help us to have fun together.

3) They bless others.

No, our videos don’t lift us to new spiritual heights, but they do lead to laughter.  And laughter is a great blessing.  I still remember watching a video at the Annual Celebration several years ago; one man at our table laughed until he cried.  At the end, he shared how good that was–he had been under lots of stress, and the video helped to wipe it all away for him.

4) They’re fun.

Of course.  They’re tons of fun.  It’s fun to be surprised by Blair Carlson’s epic portrayal of Hunter Truett, or to watch Christian play all the puppet roles (including the tiger).  Its fun to include different people from the congregation in the video and watch them negotiate their roles while trying to figure out what the video is actually about.  We laugh, giggle, and snicker through the whole process, always hoping everyone else will find it all funny in the end.

So, I hope these videos bless you, help connect you to the rest of COTC, and that you have fun watching them.  I also hope that you keep pushing us to make them.