Traditionally, Anglican churches collect a special Good Friday offering that is given out in some way to those in great need. This year (2015) at Church of the Cross, we collected almost $12,000 for a ministry in Ukraine called Wings of Generosity. This ministry came recommended to us by Blair and Elizabeth Carlson, our missionaries in Ukraine. It is an inter-denominational ministry that brings food and basic supplies to people trapped in the war-torn parts of Eastern Ukraine, even to villages very close to or at the front lines.

Recently, when our donation reached this ministry, and they began purchasing, packing and sending out these supplies. They believe our donations helped provide enough food and supplies for six to seven trips to Eastern Ukraine, with each trip having up to 600 food packages, or about 4 tons of food. They have also supplied areas with clothing, toys, wheelchairs, and Christian literature.

Keep praying for this ministry, and for Ukraine. Some of the worst areas they bring supplies to are in total lock-down–people are living in bomb shelters, have run out of food and even  just need candles or kerosene lamps for light. Also, about 80% of the volunteers with Wings of Generosity are not Christians, so there are plenty of opportunities for this ministry to share Christ’s love.

Below are some pictures. First, you’ll see the supplies being packaged (and some of you may notice that Blair, Elizabeth, Megan and Ellie Carlson were there helping). Next, you’ll see pictures of supplies being delivered. (If you get this post in your email, it’s possible these pictures won’t work. Check it out on our website instead.)