Life Groups

What Are Life Groups? 

Life Groups are a great place for meeting new people and getting more involved at Church of the Cross, and they’re a great place for maintaining strong relationships and avenues of support with other church members. Life Groups are easy to commit to with a set start and end date, though anyone may chose to continue with their group longer-term.

What Happens in Life Groups?

Life Groups focus on three things: building meaningful relationships, supporting one another in prayer, and engaging in relevant discussions on themes stemming from Sunday sermons.Life Groups offer ample opportunity for members to encounter Christ in prayer, Scripture, and community, to be changed by him in those encounters, and to introduce Christ to others—others in the group and, hopefully through the group’s prayer support, others in the world.

Who Can Join Life Groups?

Singles, couples, and families with children are all welcome to join a Life Group. Life Groups are for all ages and stages of life.If you're looking for more information, or hope to join a group, please contact Justin.