Youth of the Cross

Youth of the Cross is our ministry for seventh through twelfth graders. Our primary focus is discipleship, which we pursue in a variety of ways. We place great importance on reading and understanding the Bible, as well as on learning how our lives must be lived in light of Scripture. Prayer is also a primary concern—we learn to pray together and to pray for each other. Also, we worship together and encourage each other to service both within the Church and the community.

All of this happens within a context of love, honesty, and support. We work to build and maintain strong relationships with Christian peers and adult leaders, because we are called to live our faith out in relationship with God’s people.

Lastly, we strive to maintain a healthy level of fun, humor, enthusiasm, and joy in all we do–all in an effort to reflect the joy we have in Christ.

To learn more about our youth ministry contact Peter Berg.